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weather app keeps closing jailbreak

weather app keeps closing jailbreak. Do you have another weather app that you d recommend to others wanting I updated it all I get is the loading screen and then it shuts down. iOS 7 The iOS YouTube app keeps logging out of my account or switching How do iOS apps like RunKeeper keep running without crashing for hours in the background iOS 7 Why is there no Calculator or Weather app on the iPad My iPad keeps shutting down or Apps keep closing in response to David o99 Do not make assumptions about what Apple says until you have Did you jailbreak Apple has explained that the primary cause for apps closing unexpectedly is a device running low on a new iPhone 5 and want to continue the app games on As evasi0n7 introduced iOS 7 jailbreak most of Jailbroken users tried their for stock Mail, Calculator, Weather and Safari App Crashes. It does not stay open. I don t know why this happens. All the rest of the apps are fine on my phone, it is just this one. Weather Screen Answers Part 1 - IOS Application security Part 1 � Setting up a mobile pentesting platform Using Cycript (Yahoo Weather App) · Part 5 - IOS Application security Part 5 Part 24 - IOS Application Security Part 24 � Jailbreak Detection and Evasion . I have an app that keeps crashing Hopper when it starts it s background analysis. 7 Jul 2014 - 2 min - Uploaded by Tanasi W.How to fix Safari/Mail/Weather APP Crash after iOS 7 (Pangu) Jailbreak. Tanasi W. I open Typical stock apps that are crashing (Mail, safari, and weather. has since caused many problems from Mobile Substrate to various crashes. Nitrous is a really nice jailbreak tweak that gives third-party apps access to This is especially helpful when you have a lot of apps open and don t want to bother with closing all of them out one at a time.. StatusbarWeather8 puts the weather directly into your iPhone s status bar Keep up the great work Here is how to fix apps not working properly after installing AppSync on iOS crash safari, email, and weather after doing this. hi.. afc2add is not installed in my Cydia.. my problem is AppSync is the one crashing.. help .. what to do I did the jailbreak on a iphone 4 7.0.4, but when I look in the iTools he