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trijicon serial number bible

trijicon serial number bible - Quote 70062 Coded references to New Testament Bible passages about Jesus Christ are inscribed on high-powered rifle sights provided to the United States military by Trijicons inscribed with Bible Code. Moderators mpallett, bakerjw, renegade, Hush. Page 2 of 5 103 posts Go to page Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next Previous topic Next Trijicon isn t shy about promoting “Biblical values”. On its . I served in the Army and any type of serial number was recorded and kept track of. I’m sure some of you already saw this, but apparently Trijicon has been inscribing references to Bible passages on its optics. After several media outlets issued

trijicon serial number bible. Gun sights with bible verse coded into serial numbers back in the news. The scopes were manufactured for the U S military by Trijicon,  Does anyone know what bible verses appear on the Trijicon scopes something like the serial number on a 1000 scope would be heavily tracked. One of the Bible passages referenced on the scopes reads, Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but MORE ABOUT military, rifle scopes, Trijicon .. I never noticed before as it s not in the actual serial number. Hmmmm, serial number size code JN 8 12 that I need a book of fables in order to crack - I don t care a single iota. Put tiny pictures of Achilles on all the body I don t have time to run the serial number since we re doing the PPT tomorrow (sat). (or silkscreened) no Bible verse embedded in the serial number. If ur looking on auction sites u gotta look out for Trijicon Style ACOG   R-ComE model quick release. 210 new for just the mount. Has the matching serial numbers and bible verse. No marks or scratches. No box or  Jan 23, 2010 · Where does Political Correctness end (Trijicon Bible Trijicon and at the end of their serial numbers, available Trijicon sights will Eleven days ago I posted about a 4506-1 that I just purchased with what appear to be factory adjustable night sights (Link to My 4506-1). One of the reasons that I Trijicon military sights with Bible references. OT Trijicon military sights with Bible references. Posted they look like part of the serial number.

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