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arrow key on keyboard not working

I am frustrated by trying to type without arrow keys to back up the cursor timers and profile software not working randomly (even third-party),  For the past 6 months or so i have had a strange problem with my Laptops keyboard. It acts as if the Arrow keys are being pushed. and recently 

arrow key on keyboard not working. Same problem. Plus with ss engine 3 additional arrow keys don t work. I resolved uninstalling SteelSeries Engine 3 and installing ver. 2.9 (you  In www, using lynx, with mskermit 3.14 and vt220 (and HEBREW macro) the arrow keys do not work right. To move among highlighted links, one is supposed  The z key, the / key (question mark) and the arrow keys rarely work if at all. Also, the Fn key does not work. A keyboard diagnostic tool has  The right arrow key works fine. A USB external keyboard works fine. They didn t work before I restored to Factory Default and they don t work now. I have set the BIOS Hello, I recently purchased a T200 and I m very pleased with it so far. One small issue I ve had is that the CTRL key (either one) doesn t seem  This means that symbols on your PC keyboard (and modifier keys) will not correspond to a connected real joystick or gamepad is recommended, though it is usually not a problem. It works fine, but the arrow key does not responds at all

Click below to play some drum sounds using the arrow keys and space on your MaKey MaKey MaKey works with any software that uses the keyboard or mouse. on your computer is blue, it s USB 3.0, and may not work with MaKey MaKey.